travel bucket list

For today’s post I decided to share with you all my travel bucket list!


  1. Santorini, Greece3cd182e70852b78bdd9b94ee3581aa5c
  2. Paris, France aa5f24f32cc2d4ef25f70ca8207cba13
  3. Bora Bora734d93af9bf7fb3fbf42b23b4b376db9
  4. Ireland d48db30986ea0bb3d84b311155ec20af
  5. Britain 473b232822c39c2840ab062751100908
  6. Monaco 9279748d7ef58e102bab2b612e1d251e
  7. Monte Carlo 83c065cb0213181b3627c7d1dede6b93
  8. Italy ea1f71a9b5263bbfd4d7a4287fb10f64

These are just a few places I’d love to travel and see! Hope you enjoyed


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