5 beauty tips and tricks

I think everyone can agree that great makeup tips and tricks are awesome and can be hard to come by. In this post I’ll share with you some tips and tricks I’ve tried that I know are great as will work for anyone!

1. DIY homemade makeup brush cleaner

Mix equal parts dish soap and olive oil. All you gotta do is wet the makeup brush/beauty blender and rub the brush cleaner in. It cleans brushes great and it’s my go to for cleaning my brushes.

2. How to make your lips appear bigger

Bigger lips has been quite the trend recently. Most girls don’t want to get lip injections to achieve this and trust me I’m with you on that.

My one go to thing is to overlong my lips. And I don’t mean overline everywhere around your mouth. If you just barely overline them they will automatically look bigger and fuller. You can do this with a lip liner that matches your lips to leave it natural looking, or you could use the lip liner that matches the lip product you’re going to wear that day. I highly recommended doing this especially if you are into the big lip trend.

3. Make an old eyeliner new

I can’t say I’ve tried this out but I’m definitely going to try it soon. I found this trick on Pinterest. So what you do is once your felt tip eyeliner is all dried out you take the felt tip out and flip it around and put it back in the tube and it should be like a brand new eyeliner!

4. Sparkling water beauty treatment

Now this seems very interesting and I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely plan on it. This trick is to put your face in sparkling water and it clears your pores.

If anyone tried this out let me know how it works!

5. DIY makeup remover

I love this diy. Mix equal parts water and olive oil. Wet a cotton ball and then add some of the mixture on it and take off your makeup! This is great if you run out of makeup remover and need a quick alternative.

I hope at least one of these was helpful!


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